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  • Nick Saraev

    Nick Saraev

    This place is a dumping ground for my ideas. Most are total garbage, but every now and then you’ll find the Internet equivalent of day old, leftover pizza. Mmm.

  • Vlad Alex (Merzmensch)

    Vlad Alex (Merzmensch)

    Vladimir Alexeev. Futurist. AI-driven Dadaist. Living in Germany, loving Japan, AI, mysteries, books, and stuff. https://www.linkedin.com/in/v-alexeev/

  • Plan8


    Plan8 — a design agency for music and sound.

  • David moore (aka Selfmadeheroes)

    David moore (aka Selfmadeheroes)

    CEO-CO Founder of KnownOrigin and User Experience Consultant. #Blockchain #Ethereum #Design #UX #Ui #Type All My views are my own.

  • Luba Elliott

    Luba Elliott

    All about AI in creative disciplines. Researcher, producer, curator

  • Mihaela (Dr. V)

    Mihaela (Dr. V)

    Microsoft Research via Purdue University. I study UX/HCI, with a background in comm/PR. Thoughts are my own.

  • fph


    Data Designer — Bringing data insights and design practices together.

  • Susan Li

    Susan Li

    Changing the world, one post at a time. Sr Data Scientist, Toronto Canada. https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanli/

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