• Jesse van Doren

    Jesse van Doren

    I’m enthusiastic about the future and new technologies. On my website I’ve written a lot of articles about new innovations: https://www.jessevandoren.com

  • Andrea Bosboom

    Andrea Bosboom

  • Christian Contemori

    Christian Contemori

    I am a designer, illustrator, UX everything, dancer, BJJ fighter, human, male, man, mostly made of flesh and partly sarcasm.

  • Göksu Kaçaroglu

    Göksu Kaçaroglu

    Service Designer in life. Artist in heart. Loves writing, traveling, dancing, making art and love.

  • Tamara Lottering

    Tamara Lottering

  • Vaidehi Supatkar

    Vaidehi Supatkar

    Transdisciplinary Design 21💫 Parsons School of Design | Pencil chewer | critical optimist | speculating inclusive futures

  • Sanjana Jagannathan

    Sanjana Jagannathan

  • Valerie Fuchs

    Valerie Fuchs

    Web Developer + Chief at Cafe Robot, the first non-awkward Computer Club.

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